Brindavanam - Episode 175 - January 31, 2014

Duration = 21:28

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It is the story of a girl named 'Krishna' who comes from U.S in search of her father. After reaching India, Krishna is being forced by her sister and brother-in-law to get married to a rich guy from Kshathriya family. Situations at the marriage ceremony forces her to run away from the marriage house. Krishna's character is a very happy going girl always makes people around her happy telling funny poetry. She is a very strong minded girl and will never move against her wish. The other side of the story is between two families related by blood and distanced by circumstances. Two brothers 'Arya' and 'Ashwin' who are sons of same father but different mothers are separated by their families but are united in their hearts. The story is seen through the eyes of three protagonists 'Krishna', 'Arya' and 'Ashwin' and how Krishna unites Arya and Ashwin's families forms the rest of the story. Brindavanam highlights the relationship between brothers, husband & wife and various family members and all these characters are being played by various small and big screen artists. Subscribe to the channel by clicking To watch more episodes from this show go to
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