National Lampoon's Animal House 1978 ( FILMING LOCATION VIDEO) Landis John Belushi

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FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK National Lampoon's Animal House is a 1978 American comedy film directed by John Landis. The film was a direct spinoff from National Lampoon magazine. It is about a misfit group of fraternity members who challenge the dean of Faber College. The screenplay was adapted by Douglas Kenney, Chris Miller, and Harold Ramis from stories written by Miller and published in National Lampoon magazine. The stories were based on Miller's experiences in the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity at Dartmouth College. Other influences on the film came from Ramis's experiences in the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at Washington University in St. Louis, and producer Ivan Reitman's experiences at Delta Upsilon at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Of the younger lead actors, only John Belushi was an established star, but even he had not yet appeared in a film, having gained fame mainly from his Saturday Night Live television appearances. Several of the actors who were cast as college students, including Karen Allen, Tom Hulce, and Kevin Bacon, were just beginning their film careers, although Tim Matheson was coming off a large role as one of the assassin motorcycle cops in the second Dirty Harry film, Magnum Force. DELTA HOUSE 755 E 11th Ave, Eugene, OR "The original site of "Delta House" used in the 1978 film "Animal House". The original building was torn down in 1987 to make way for the current medical building." Dexter Lake Club Bar 39128 Dexter Rd at Oregon 58, Dexter, OR"Home to scenes in the 1978 comedy "National Lampoon's Animal House", it's where Boon, Pinto and Flounder, from fictional Faber College, found their favorite music group, Otis Day and the Knights." The FishbowlCollege Cafeteria 1222 E 13th Ave in Erb Memorial Union (EMU), Eugene, OR "The famous "zit" scene & subsequent food fight during the filming of "Animal House" took place at The Fishbowl." The Parade scenes : Main Street in Cottage Grove, OR. Johnson HallCollege Administrative Building 1292 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR "University of Oregon President William P. Boyd was so eager to have 1978's "Animal House" filmed on campus that he volunteered his office to serve as Dean Wormer's office for the infamous horse scene" Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity House 729 E 11th Ave btw Alder & Hilyard St, Eugene, OR "The house was used during the filming of "Animal House" for both interior & exterior scenes of the snooty "Omega House"." Fenton HallCollege Academic Building University of Oregon, Eugene, OR Gerlinger "Point of parliamentary procedure! Visit room 110 of Fenton Hall to see where John Belushi and the rest of the Delta's stood trial by the student government in 1978's "Animal House." HallCollege Academic Building 1488 University St at E 15th Ave, Eugene, OR "Also famous for being the Girl's College in the movie Animal House. Could you get 3 dates for my friends?" Teaching & Learning Center - NCUStudent Center 763 E. 11th Ave. btwn Hilyard & Alder St., Eugene, OR "Used as the exterior shots of "Tri Pi" sorority during the filming of "Animal House". Its interior was used as the interior of the Delta House, including the basement toga party." Autzen StadiumCollege Football Field 2700 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Eugene, OR "Autzen Stadium was the scene where Pinto & Clorette made out on the 50 yard line, while the other Deltas were building the Deathmobile in the 1978 movie "Animal House"."
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