The Rise of ROGUE World Announcement March Against Monsanto May 24th 2014 GMO Protest

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JOIN ME AT: Become a Victorious Freedom Fighter by joining our peaceful non-violent resistance as we further expose & peacefully but assertively fight against Gov't/Corporate Tyranny & Control. Freedom is for everyone! Anyone can break out of the mind numbing control of the propaganda masters & take action to make this world a better & safer place. Who is this masked man? Is he a superhero? Is he a Patriot or some distant relative of Anonymous? Perhaps Rogue encapsulates a little of each. One thing is for sure...He is a Freedom Fighter, A Truth Warrior and a Peaceful Demonstrator. Rogue is all of us who Peacefully Fight for our Freedoms and believe in speaking Truth to Power.. Rogue's current battle is the battle for Food Freedom and our right to know what it is we are eating. Rogue is only a teenager but he is a teenager with ideas. Isn't that what we want from our youth today? We want our youth to be Free Thinkers and when necessary to think outside of the box. Myself (Bullhorn) and Rogue will be fighting for Food Freedom at the May 24th 2014 March Against Monsanto. Please Join us at your local March Against Monsanto event. More to come from Bullhorn & Rogue so subscribe and stay tuned. Camera Used: CANON T2i 1080P 24fps Equipment Used: Old Bogen Tripod, Inexpensive Cowboy Studio Shoulder Mount & Generic LCD Viewfinder. Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 8 (Mastered to Lossless Logarith Codec then coverted to h264 50,000 for upload to youtube.) Color Correction SVP8 Titles & Effects: SVP8 and Photoshop CS2 Audio Enhancement SVP8 & Adobe Audition Rogue Spoken Dialogue Written by: ROGUE Intro Voice Over: Bullhorn Barry Microphone: Inexpensive CAD GXL2400 Condenser Microphone IF YOU OWN A CAMERA GET OUT AND FILM THE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION TODAY. THE TRUTH WILL BE YOUTUBE'D
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